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30 Birthday Wishes For Kids | Happy Birthday Child

Looking at how important birthday wishes for kids and their parents, it goes without saying that on that day it is very important that you do something extra special for them.

And one of the most beautiful things you can do on that day is to send them deeply felt funny birthday wishes kids. But sometimes doing this is easier said than done simply because of the fact that oftentimes crafting the right messages can be quite challenging.


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Happy Birthday Wishes For Kids(Free)

  • Happy birthday kids. I hope your Big Day fills your heart with as much happiness as you bring your parents and everyone around you, including me. Have fun, kiddo!
  • Wishing a wonderful birthday celebration to a kid who is so precious to me. May your sweet smile continue to bathe this world with sunshine. I hope your birthday wishes kids are filled with plenty of happiness and presents. This is your day! Enjoy it!
  • Today is the birthday of a very adorable child. Sweetheart, may your special day bring you oceans of happiness and special gifts. I hope you enjoy every moment of this beautiful day, my dear child.
  • Wishing you truckloads of candies and special birthday cakes on your birthday. May your special day be sweeter than the sweetest honey in the world.
  • Happy birthday, my dearest little one. On your special day, I pray for your little and loving heart to always overflow with happiness because you bring sunshine into the lives of everyone you come across.
  • You’re indeed a precious gift to your parents and the world, my beautiful shining star. May you always walk confidently towards your dreams. Happy birthday my sweet kid
  • Happy birthday to the coolest kid in the world. May your day be filled with so much fun and presents.
  • Wishing the most adorable child I know a very happy birthday child. May you always have a wide smile on your face. God bless you.
  • Kiddo, I think you are going to accomplish great things in life. It’s such a great privilege to witness the humble beginning of a great person.
  • May beautiful smiles accompany you throughout your life. Happy birthday, my precious little one.
  • Happy birthday, my precious little one. May your birthday wishes kids be accompanied by loads of treats and presents. I hope you smile all throughout this special day of yours.
  • Yay! It is your birthday, and I’m so delighted to share this special occasion with you! Such an amazing child like you deserves the most beautiful things that this planet has to offer. May your beautiful face always carry a sweet smile.

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happy birthday wishes for baby boy

  • As you celebrate your little one’s birthday today, I hope you take a moment to realize how abundantly blessed you are. My birthday wishes kids your little one is that he/she will grow up to be a blessing to the world.
  • Congrats on this milestone birthday wishes kids of your son/daughter. May this wonderful occasion fill your home with happiness galore.
  • Sending you happy birthday wishes kids blessings on your child’s Big Day. May the Heavens forever keep smiling on your cute little one and your entire family.
  • May your little one blossom into someone the society will always be proud to have, and may all his/her wishes come true.
  • We know that! And that is why we are so glad to present you with this sweet collection of greetings to inspire you to get the right words to send to that sweet kid you know who is celebrating their Big Day.
  • Take your time and go through the heartfelt happy birthday child wishes galore below and choose the ones that catch your fancy.
  • When it comes to children, there is no day (maybe with the exception of Christmas Day) that is as exciting and as important to them as the day on which they celebrate their own birth. Parents of kids also view their kids’ birthdays as very important days in their lives.

Best Birthday Wishes For Baby Girl 2020

  • You will find a cute collection of happy birthday wishes for baby girl with images. Baby girl is a true bundle of joy, her charming smile and laughter make life much brighter and happier.
  • A little girl deserves the sweetest words on her special day. So take a look at these beautiful birthday quotes for little princess and lovely cards with birthday messages and greetings for a little girl.
  • Baby girls are lovely, so a birthday wish for a baby girl should be just as lovely as she is. Birthday greetings will be different depending on the sender, so these messages will vary accordingly. I’ve tried to cater to all needs by including a mix of different kinds of wishes.
  • I hope you enjoy this article and find a suitable wish here for your special little girl!
  • You have grown up into a beautiful girl. You’ve already made us so proud, I just know you’ll continue to make us even prouder. Have a blissful birthday!
  • I wish you nothing but happiness from anything and everything you do. May your days be filled with blessings! Happy birthday to you, my dear girl.
  • A special child like you deserves nothing but love and blessings from everyone. Your days should be full of happiness and fulfillment, sweet one.
  • You may be small in size and not very heavy in weight, but your presence does nothing but fill all of us with a tremendous amount of happiness and joy. May the rest of your life continue to be a great success story, birthday girl!
  • A baby girl like you is rare. Here’s to the cutest, sweetest little girl in town. May all your days be filled with ever-increasing happiness. Happy birthday!
  • Your smiles are more beautiful than the colorful corals of the Pacific Ocean. You are no less than an angel. Happy birthday, sweet girl! You are as magnificent as the sun. You naturally attract people by your rays of cuteness. Celebrate your birthday with joy and happiness!
  • Happy birthday to my special little girl. I hope you enjoy these years of innocence, imagination, and grace for as long as you can.
  • You bring nothing but pure joy and happiness to all those around you. I hope that we can do the same for you for many years to come. Happy birthday to my baby girl!
  • Happy birthday, Princess! Put on your best dress, your shiniest shoes, and your glitziest jewelry—you deserve nothing but to be treated like royalty on this day, and every day.
  • I hope for a safe, fun, and special birthday to you. May God bless you with everything you deserve and wish for in your life. Happy birthday, little one!
  • You are God’s most precious gift to your parents. Here’s to a wonderful little girl on her very special day. Happy birthday to the best little girl I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know!
  • Happy birthday to someone who is as sweet as, but better than, sugar. While too much sugar isn’t good for anyone, there’s no such thing as too much of you. You always make everyone around you so much happier. Here’s an extra sweet birthday wish to the sweetest girl!
  • Today is a real holiday for you, sweet girl. Here’s to no homework and no chores. Instead, here’s to gifts, cakes, and candles! Happy birthday.
  • Happy birthday to a very special girl! What do very special girls get on their special day? That’s right, all the cake you can handle.
  • To the most lovable and fantastic girl on her special day—happy birthday! You’re going to continue to make us so proud, birthday girl. Here’s to many more years to come.

Best 50 Secret Birthday Wishes For Best Friend 2020

  • I’m sending your beautiful family a bouquet of sunshine and happiness to commemorate the birthday of your son/daughter. I hope he/she has a very wonderful birthday celebration.
  • You are so lucky to be blessed with such an amazing child. May the smiles and laughter of your precious one make happiness reign in your house every blessed day.
  • Happy birthday to your little one, and congratulations to you for being such great parents.
  • May your daughter/son have a future that is brighter than all the diamonds of the world put together. Happy birthday to your sweet little one.
  • As your cute superhero becomes a year older today, I pray for joy and sunshine to always show their faces in your home. God bless you.
  • The most precious thing in life isn’t money, but being blessed with an adorable child-like the one whose birthday we celebrate today. I’m so glad that your little angel has made your life even more exciting than a fairytale.
  • On your child’s birthday, I want to congratulate you for being such wonderful parents and raising such a wonderful kid. My prayer for your sweet child on his/her birthday is that the skies above him/her always remain blue.
  • I deem it a privilege to have the opportunity to know such a wonderful family like yours. On your child’s birthday, I pray for nothing but her/his happiness all the days of her/life.
  • Sending millions of warm greetings and smiles to you on your child’s Big Day. May all his/her dreams and wishes materialize. I love you all.
  • Congratulations as you celebrate another Big Day of your child. My wish for your little one on this special day is that sunshine, love, and happiness will always be present in his/her world.
  • On your little angel’s birthday wishes kids, I just want you to know that God has really blessed you by giving you such a wonderfully sweet child.
  • And I know that you are doing your best to constantly put a smile on his/her face. May God continue to bless you and your little angel.
  • Responsible parenthood is one of the most useful things an adult can do with their lives. And you, my friends display excellent parenting skills on a daily basis.
  • My warmest wishes to your lovely son/daughter on his/her Big Day. May the sweet smile of your little angel never disappear.

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