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Best 50th Birthday Party Games Ideas of 2020

Top Best 50th Birthday Party Games Ideas: Turning 50 years is a great reason to celebrate, and the party would not be complete without birthday party games according to age. Some fun ideas include popular kids birthday party games of the guest of honor. It can be fun to step back in time, but games that adults enjoy to keep guests entertained should also be incorporated.

Best 50th Birthday Party Games Ideas

50th birthday party games ideas
50th birthday party games ideas

They prevent boredom from arising, and the guests are more concerned with themselves than with each other. We only have your 50th Birthday once in your life. And this day should always be a unique experience. Birthday presents are essential, especially with lots of love selected things. But even more critical is celebrating together and laughing together on the feast day with family and friends. Games enliven every celebration.

Best 50th Birthday Party Game Ideas For MOM

The Planning of the Fundamental Questions

The games must be suitable for all ages. Otherwise, there is a quick disinterest. If a match is not ideal for a particular age group, the non-player can act as a helper or referee. The decisive factor is the location of the celebration, at home, in a restaurant or a rented room. This location affects the feasibility of many game options. The number of guests and their age is also essential.

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Design of the Games

There should be a game master, but please not the birthday boy. This has the task to take care of his guests and their well-being. The duration of a single game must not be too long. Short games are better than a long game.

A packet of handkerchiefs to wipe your forehead from the stress of the game. A glass of beer to make up for the loss of fluid from physical exertion. And so on.

Variety prevents boredom. And if a guest does not like a game, then he knows, there will be a new game soon. If you forgive prizes or evaluate the results, this should be done after each game. At a later date, much of the gaming experience has already faded again. Prices should be humorous rather than monetary.

The games should always be based on the topic 50th birthday. The contents must correspond to the interests of all guests equally. Even if the host has his 50th Birthday, his guests should be similarly at the center. Arrogance and preference of individual guests have nothing to look for on a celebration to the 50th Birthday. More important than the type of games is the thorough preparation and organization.

Which Games Should One Choose?

A farmer wants to celebrate differently than a firefighter. And managers or politicians have different views than a driver. There are thousands of kinds of games that can be organized for the 50th Birthday of his guests. Only the host, his family, and his friends can make the right choice. Here are some examples of successful 50th birthday games.

It always depends on the composition of the guests, the local conditions, and the personal goals for a successful celebration. In every region and every cultural group, the wishes and 50th Birthday Party Games Ideas for successful games for a 50th birthday are different.

Best 50th Birthday Party Game Ideas For Husband

1. The Memory of the Life of the Birthday Boy

The amount of laughs determines the quality of the game. It has to be funny. But you should also know which topics are in order, what you can joke about and what is taboo. Each guest tells a funny reminder about the birthday child; then the birthday child tells a humorous reminder about this guest. 

2. Recognize Guests on Old Photos

The images are attached to a blackboard and numbered. Now each guest writes on a piece of paper, which can be seen in the photos. Each guest brings an old photo of himself. 

3. Painting a Picture for the Birthday Child

All guests then paint part of this developed image with paint, ink, or crayon. This creates a painting for the birthday child, which was created by all the guests together. An artistically gifted guest prepares a map drawn in pencil lines. 

4. The Wheel of Fortune

This should be fun stuff, a shoelace, an old photo, or a toothbrush, always well prepared for each guest. Of course, the guest may not notice that the prize was already selected in advance for him. Important are the laughs. A wheel of fortune brings a lot of fun and joy. Small prices increase the fun factor.

Best 50th Birthday Party Game Ideas For A Woman

1. Hunting the Past

50th birthday party games ideas
Best 50th Birthday Party Game Ideas For A Woman

The guests are given a list that describes this route and shows where the hidden things can be found. It is favorable to form several small groups for the search. The found the finder hides stuff for the next group in the same place. At various points of a pre-selected route, things are hidden that remind of the birthday child. An old photograph, for example, the first lost tooth, baby diapers, a copy of a school report, or an old punishment order for speeding. 

2. Guess Terms by Pantomime

Each guest creates an ambiguous time. Through charade, he tries to explain what the name is. Words, smiles, and lip movements are forbidden.

The other guests must guess the term in a time limit. The words should be based on the birthday child.

3. Lie or Truth?

Each guest tells a short episode about his life. This can be true or false. The other guests have to guess whether it is a lie or the truth.

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4. Children at the Birthday Party

Who throws a bathing shoe furthest? For once, playing school is fun when the children are the teachers, and the adults are the students. Children are involved in the celebrations; they must not be forgotten. Children are bored quickly. Egg racing of grandchildren with grandfathers, puzzle games and sports competitions are always eventful for children. Bathing shoe-throwing is popular with children. 

Best 50th Birthday Party Game Ideas For Him

1. Create a Personal Video as a Birthday Present

The film becomes a particular highlight when it is presented to all guests as the culmination of the party. A short film will be created in which all guests will address a personal and individual greeting to the birthday child. This task should be assigned to a person who is not directly related to the birthday guests, since the time it takes to create the video limits participation in the celebrations. 

2. Guess the Price

For smaller parties, let the guests decide if they want to play in pairs or alone. Each person or group will need a pen and a piece of paper. Show the figures to the guests and let them write what they think the object cost that year. Once everyone has written what they believe reveals the real price. The guest with the correct wins.

Before the party, look for popular items that were bought and used the year the guest of honor was born. Print the figures of the objects and paste them on cardboard. Make sure to write on the back of the card what the item cost that year. For larger parties, divide the guests into teams.

3. Music Karaoke Over the Years

The player must sing the song. The guest with the best performance is the winner. If the guests are shy, this can be played in teams. Team members will sing together. You can place a container near the stage to let the guests vote for their favorite presentation. Have a karaoke machine ready for use by guests with the music of the year the guest of honor was born. Place song names in a hat and randomly take one at the beginning of a player’s turn. 

4. This is your Life

Using a computer, compile several events that may or may not have occurred in the life of the guest of honor. For example, he uses facts such as his birth date or anniversary, things he may or may not have done in his life or work he has had over the years. Compile this in a true or false game. Give the guests a fixed amount of time to respond. The person who answers correctly is the winner.

Best 50th Birthday Party Game Ideas For Her

1. 50th Birthday Pictionary

50th birthday party games ideas
Best 50th Birthday Party Game Ideas For Her

A 50th birthday is a unique occasion. In addition to the kind gestures of family and friends, celebrate the day with games that take the guest of honor and other guests back in time. Do a little homework before the party to investigate what is needed for those golden games.

If they guess correctly before time runs out, they earn a point. If they don’t think the correct answer, the other team has a chance to guess. If the other side hits the solution, the end wins. Continue playing, alternating equipment, until the papers in the bowl are finished. The team with the most points wins.

To play this, you need a large sheet of paper, a stopwatch, and markers. Hang the sheet of paper on the wall or place it on an easel. On sheets of paper, write things that were popular in the decade in which the guest of honor was born. Fold the papers& place them in a container, make sure there are enough papers.

You can use popular food, cars, toys or even names of songs of the decade. Divide the guests into two teams and set the timer to one minute. The team that goes first will choose a player to draw. The player will want a piece of paper from the container. They should try to bring what the article says while their team guesses.

2. Price Games

Choose topics that the guest of honor is familiar with. Display them on a table, hide the costs. Write the actual price on a card and place it below the article. It allows guests to guess the amount of the items. The guest who comes closest to the original price of each item can take it home as a prize.

Let the guest of honor conduct the offers of the guests or distribute the prizes. A popular game among older adults is “The right price.” This party pricing game works the same way as the television version. Before the party, do some research to find out the prices of food and household items 50 years ago. 

3. Birthday Questions Game

The person with the highest points will win a special prize. Another option was to ask general things about life 50 years ago. Some items could be “Who was the president 50 years ago?” or “What was the musical success that year?” Give each guest a sheet of paper and ask them to answer questions about the person who turns years old. Questions to ask include: “How much did you weigh when you were born?” or “Where was he born?” It includes trivial details that are simple and not so well known. Ask the guest of honor to reveal the answers after the game is over. Assign a specific score to each question. 

4. 50 Cents

By playing games during the 50th birthday celebrations, you forget the daily stress and create similarities. There are too many 50th Birthday Party Games Ideas. Decisive for the success are not the financial means but the love and the creativity, which one invests for the planning and preparation of the ceremony. The same inclusion of all guests in the games is the most critical aspect of success. The fun must always be in the foreground. Awareness, prosperity, and arrogance have nothing to look for at a 50th birthday party.

Play “50 cents” by placing 50 cents on a table. Tape a phrase or word on the back of the person who turns years old. Some good words include “birthday” or “golden.” The guest of honor has to guess the word from his back without seeing. When he or another guest says the word, he will get a penny and the chance to think the word. After the guest of honor guesses the word, he can keep all the pennies, and someone else will have to stick a sword on his back. Play it until 50 cents are over.

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