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Best 1st Birthday Party Entertainment Ideas 2020

If you are searching out Best 1st Birthday Party Entertainment Ideas then You came to the right vicinity.
We gathered over unique Best 1st Birthday Party Ideas, that will help you with filling in your birthday card.
If you’re looking for something extra celebration like a happy birthday card, poems, birthday cake, birthday wishes for brother, Son, Mom, Dad and much more…

Top 1st Birthday Party Entertainment Ideas 2020


your baby’s progress is enormous. He already feels alone, has started his complementary feeding, is about to take his first steps, or has already begun to walk, and probably, he has already said his first words. Therefore, celebrating your 1st Birthday Party becomes an extraordinary event for you. It is a date full of meaning that you will not want to miss.

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The Investment In The 1st Birthday Party Games

If you plan a theme party, you should think about the piñata, the decoration, and the cake and decide if you are going to buy everything already made or you are going to make it on your own. The expense will depend on the number of guests and the type of food you want to serve. Remember that it is not necessary to spend more than your budget allows. At the age your baby is in, a small celebration is enough.

Best Place For The 1st Birthday Party Games

if you want to choose something outside your home, make sure it is safe for small guests. Avoid spaces that have stairs, swimming pools, and other scenarios that put at risk the safety and comfort of the attendees. You can choose a communal lounge, a theme park, or a restaurant that has a playground.

Perhaps the best place to organize the 1st Birthday Party for your own home, where your baby feels in a safe and familiar environment.

The Guests

On the internet, you get templates with children and very creative designs. If the meeting is familiar, you can invite the grandparents, uncles, and cousins ​​of the baby. If you decide to do something more “open to the public,” you can invite close friends as well as couples from your social circle who also have young kids Birthday. The invitation can be sent via email, WhatsApp, or through Facebook.

Healthy Food For The 1st Birthday Party

Depending on the time of day, choose a practical menu, easy to serve, and consume. Pizza Recipes, fruit salads Recipes, ham and cheese boards, sandwiches, mini burgers and snacks in general, are an excellent choice. Drinks can be natural juices or smoothies.

Your Baby’s Outfit

Choose a special ‘pint’ for your child that is comfortable, ideally dark colors that will prevent you from worrying if you ever get dirty.

The Time Is Most Important For The Birthday Party

Here Time is very very important for the birthday party, If what you want is for your little one to be active during the party, choose the time he usually is awake, it can be, before or after the afternoon nap. If instead, you want to share the moment with your guests, you can choose a time that is comfortable for everyone.

Remember that young children eat very little, so you better think of variety and not quantity. Replace sweets with nutritious foods for children such as fruit compotes, natural juices, and protein. Ask your pediatrician for the general preferences of children at this age.

Do not forget the funny cake or, failing that, cupcakes.

Birthday Party Food Recreation

The most recommended for children between one and two years are games that involve movement and displacement, such as crawling races to reach a goal, throwing balls in a large basket, and games of nestable pieces.

If you are going to include recreational activities for your little guests, do not forget that these must be varied and that each one should not last more than 10 minutes since children are easily distracted.

you must encourage other parents to get involved in the activities and accompany the efforts of the little ones with applause and positive phrases that inspire and motivate them. If there are prizes, it is prudent for all participants to receive one.

Details About The 1st Birthday Party Games Entertainment

Some parents like to give memories of the celebration to their guests. These can be very simple, but ideally, they are a useful memory that you can use later and do not end up in the trash bin. So think of a mini closeup, a ball, a box of mints, a candle, etc.

Important Moments In 1st Birthday Party

1st Birthday Party Themes

Actually, themes are important in celebrate birthday party for your 1st-year-old baby

Don’t forget to have your smartphone or camera handy to keep the best memories of the celebration. The photos will help you remember you and your little one at that moment for a lifetime. It is not easy to take good shots at children at that age, but with patience and love, you will achieve beautiful photos.

The 1st Birthday is actually for parents. Because your baby will not remember anything and may feel overwhelmed, but everyone can have fun. You can apply some tips to keep your baby and guests comfortable, and happy.

Whether you’re planning an intimate meeting with close friends and family or a big party, your baby’s 1st Birthday Party Entertainment Ideas will undoubtedly be extraordinary, at least for you and your loved ones.

What Games Do You Play At A First Birthday Party?

Here are some fun ideas for birthday games for kids.

fun ideas for birthday games for kids

Prize Walk.

This game is similar to a cakewalk and is ideal for kids between two and four years of age

How to Play the Game

Write numbers from 1 to 30 on square charts and stick them on the ground, within a circle. Make smaller chits with the same numbers and shuffle them up in a basket. Play some music and have the children walk around the circle. Instruct them to stand on a number when the music stops. If their number is picked up from the basket, they will win a prize. The game can continue for a set number of rounds.

Bubble Wrap Race

This simple game is undeniably fun and appropriate for kids over 3 years of age. What better? It only requires some space and a lot of bubble wrap.

How to Play the Game

Roll out a large sheet of bubble wrap on the ground in an open space. Now instruct the children to cross over the bubble wrap without popping any of the bubbles. The kid who crosses without any noise wins the game.

Photo Scavenger Hunt

This game is one that kids of all ages can play, and it can be played anywhere. The difficulty level needs to be changed based on the age of the children. Young children can have a simple version of the game whereas older kids can have a slightly more challenging version of the game.

How to Play the Game

Sketch out a map for the kids, indicating where they may need to go and give them picture clues of what they need to find. Keep rewards or chocolates along with each of these clues. If you are conducting this game in a public space, ensure to send an adult to chaperone the kids.

Balloon Bursts

This game is great for kids over 4 years of age and is sure to get you a lot of laughs.

How to Play the Game

Write some challenges on chits paper and insert them into different balloons before inflating them. The kids will have to bop the balloon in the air for as long as the music is playing. When the music stops, the person who was the last to touch the balloon has to pop it and perform the challenge within it. It could be anything, like dancing, licking their elbow, etc. Get creative with your challenges.

What Do I Need For A First Birthday Party?

What Do I Need For A First Birthday Party

When it comes to birthday parties, it’s hard to top the first one.

From watching your newborn as they playfully stuff their face with cake to seeing them play with all their new toys, it’s a joyful time for the entire family.

But as fun and enjoyable as your child’s first birthday party is, preparing for it can be stressful.

To help you with that, we’ve created an ultimate 1st birthday party checklist that will walk you through the entire process.

Plaining Before The Start Birthday Party

1 Year Old Birthday Party Locations

You can eliminate a lot of the stress associated with planning for your child’s birthday party by planning as far ahead as possible. In our family, my wife is a very meticulous planner and likes to start preparing two months before birthday parties.

  1. Decide on a Date, Time, and Location. Getting all this laid out two months beforehand will give family and friends a chance to schedule around the occasion. If you choose an outside venue, be sure to have a plan in place in case the weather gets in the way.
  2. Create a Guest List. In most cases, this will include immediate family and close friends. You may also want to include some of your extended family and other acquaintances.
  3. Determine How You Will Send Invites. While many people choose to mail their invites, it can be more economical and efficient to create a private Facebook event. Doing it this way also makes it easy for family and friends to RSVP and see all the necessary info about the event.
  4. Set a Budget. The venue, food, and decorations will be the major factors you’ll need to consider here. If you plan on sending invites through the mail, you’ll also want to be sure to include that in the budget.

Small First Birthday Ideas

Confirm Guest List Numbers. If you’ve sent your invitations through the mail, you’ll want to be sure to text or call those that haven’t responded. If you went to the Facebook event route, this should be relatively easy.

Planning Your Menu. If you decided to do the food on your own, it’s time to start planning for everything you’ll need based on your guest numbers. If you went with a caterer, it’s time to start discussing the type of food you’d like.

Choose and Order Cake. If you’re ordering your cake from a local bakery, you’ll need to order in advance and set a pickup date (which is generally a day before the party).

Plan and Order Decorations. Ordering online is the cheapest option if you plan on purchasing your decorations. You can find great deals on sites like Amazon, Party City, and Oriental Trading.

Decide on Party Bags. We decided to forgo party bags for our most recent first birthday party because of the stress of deciding what to include. If you plan on going this route, however, now is the time to start planning for it.

Decide on Party Games and Entertainment. You have all kinds of options when it comes to entertainment for a 1st birthday party. And while it’s not necessary to play games or hire someone for entertainment, you’ll want a plan for keeping young children occupied.

Enlist the Help of Family/Friends for Party Day (or Day Before). Asking for help is a game-changer when it comes to your stress levels on the day of the party. Even getting 1-2 people to help set up decorations and layout food can be a godsend.

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