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75+ Happy 17th Birthday Quotes Wishes & Greetings 2020

Here we describe 75+ Happy 17th Birthday Quotes wishes, Seventeen beautiful birthday wishes If it is true that at 17 you are no longer a child, for your mother and father, you will always be her child — happy birthday. 17th Birthday Wishes

The 17th birthday should be celebrated as the special time it is, with a lot of joy and laughter. You can help the birthday boy or girl have an extra-wonderful day by sending a caring message in a card, in a text or online. Here are selected 17th birthday wishes for a friend, a son, daughter, brother, sister, girlfriend, or boyfriend who is celebrating their 17th year.

Heartfull Birthday Quotes for 17-Year-Old Friend And Girlfriend

Happy 17th Birthday Quotes


1: I hope your 17th birthday rocks as much as you do, my friend. I wish all the best to you now and in the years to come.

2: I may not have known you for the full 17 years of your existence, but the very few that you have been by my side, make me understand that you were equally amazing on the rest of them. Happy birthday!

3: This day celebrates 17 years of your awesomeness. Happy Birthday to the coolest friend I have ever known! Rock on with your awesome self!

4: If this day was an object, it would be a door, leading you to new adventures, new challenges, that you now have to face being one year older. Happy birthday!

5: Happy birthday, dear, you are fantastic, and I hope you know how much I love you. Enjoy this special day, my love!
6: Happy 17th birthday, dear, you are a great guy, and I hope that as you blow out the candles on the cake, everything you’ve dreamed of can become a reality.

7: You are the sweetest person I know, best wishes for your newly made 17-year-old. Have fun and happy birthday again.

8: 17 years of your existence, means 17 years of happiness for us, happy birthday dear.

Best Crazy 17th birthday Quotes And Wishes for Son

9: I’ve watched with pride as you’ve grown from a boy to a man. Happy 17th birthday to my amazing son. It is an honor to be your dad.

10: A lot has changed since I was your age, but I remember that 17 was a special time. As you move from childhood to adulthood, know that I am so glad to have you as my son.

11: From seeing you in your diapers playing around with your toys to being one step away from becoming an adult. It really makes me proud to have seen you grow so much. Happy birthday!

12: Birthday Wishes for Son

13: Through the years, I’ve watched you grow, and now I stand amazed at the young man before me. Happy best 17th Birthday to my wonderful son!

14: Happy Birthday to the best son on earth! Seventeen is an amazing age. This year I hope you have tons of fun but that you stay safe and happy!

15: I can’t believe my little boy is now all grown up! Happy 17th Birthday to my handsome, awesome son!

16: To see you in diapers playing with your toys, to be one step away from being an adult. I am proud to have seen you grow so much. Happy Birthday!

17: I can’t believe my son is grown up! Happy 17th birthday to my handsome and imposing son!

18: The years seem to have flown. It is hard to believe that the boy who ordered a bicycle is now a 17-year-old boy in his car.
19: 17th birthday wishes for my brother

20: As far as the brothers are concerned, You are at the top of the list. Happy birthday to the coolest guy in the family!
21: Now that you’re turning 17, I hope you still play basketball with me and let me borrow your stuff. Although not, I still wish you a happy birthday!

22: A great thing about a brother like you is that I always knew I could count on you. Thanks for still having my back. Happy 17!

23: To my best friend ever, I hope your birthday is as wonderful and as beautiful as you! I am so happy that we are together!

Cute 17th Happy Birthday Greetings for Daughter

24: You have always been special and you are growing into an amazing woman now. Happy birthday to my wonderful daughter!

25: The years seem to have flown by. It is hard to believe that the little girl who begged for a bicycle is now a 17-year-old with her own car.

26: Birthday Wishes for Daughter

27: Just because you’re turning 17 doesn’t mean you have to grow up! I hope you always have a little of your playful humor that I like so much!

28: With 17 years you have more than enough time to realize all your dreams. Throw yourself for them without fear!
Celebrate with us this special day and let us make your birthday party truly unforgettable.

29: Happy 17, and you meet many more! Wonderful years await you because you are young, beautiful, and intelligent.

30: May these 17 years be just the beginning of a life full of pleasant surprises. Congratulations!

31: Soon the girls will queue at the door of your house to ask for an appointment. And with these newly released 17 years,
32: you are already a heartthrob. Enjoy your youth and this wonderful Happy birthday 17!

33: I hope you know how happy I am to call you my daughter. Always remember that you are an amazing person! Happy 17th Birthday!

34: Happy birthday 17th, you not only have enough time to dream but to do everything possible to make those dreams come true. Enjoy this special day!

35: To celebrate your 17-year-old, we have prepared a party worthy of a woman, not a girl. We hope you enjoy it as much as we organize it. Happy Birthday!

Best And Funny 17th Birthday Quotes Wishes for Sister

Best And Funny 17th Birthday Quotes Wishes for Sister

36: You taught me a lot and I will always be grateful to have you as an older sister. I hope your birthday is all you dream it could be!

37: We didn’t always get along, but I was always proud you were my sister. Happy 17th, from your favorite sibling.

38: You are turning 17 and as your bratty older brother I will say, you turned out pretty good for a girl. Happy Special Day!

39: Birthday Wishes for Sister

40: I pulled your hair and took your toys and yet you always remained patient with me. Thanks for being the best sister. Happy 17th!

41: Sisters are like extra special friends who share so much. I am glad you are mine. Happy 17th birthday!

42: In many years you will realize that when you turned 17, you were in a significant stage of life. Take advantage and enjoy this wonderful youth.

43: I still remember the nights without sleep, the bottles prepared at dawn, and the diapers to change. I still remember when you fit in my hands and when you learned to walk.

44: Today, I am aware that you know how to walk alone and be active in reality around you. I much appreciate your excellent learning ability, never let anyone tell you what to think. Happy Birthday!

45: A 17th birthday does not mean just one more candle in the cake or a mountain of gifts after dessert. You are in the stage that more changes will add to your life, and the best thing you can do is to keep everything, learn from everything. Keep living as intensely as before and you will achieve all the goals you seek in life. Congratulations!

Deepest 17th Birthday Quotes And Wishes for Brother

46: I hope to congratulate you every year on this day, and I hope to be with you every day to congratulate me on that. Happy birthday, honey!

47: Seventeen times have I told you “Happy Birthday! And seventeen times seventeen continue to do so because our friendship has to be as long-lived as your years. Happy Birthday!

48: Could you tell me what it takes to be happy? With your youth, you may be happy that a new computer or mobile phone, maybe a new camera or tablet. But you should know those material goods are forgotten over time, are broken
and fall into oblivion. What endures, however, is the love and warmth of those who love you. Congratulations!

49: One thing great about a brother like you is I always knew I could count on you. Thank you for always having my back. Happy 17th!

50: You picked on me but I always knew you were there for me. Now you are turning 17 and growing up. I just want you to know I am happy you are my brother.

51: Now that you are turning 17, I hope you will still play basketball with me and let me borrow your stuff. Even if not, I still wish you a very Happy Birthday!

Romantic Birthday Wishes for 17-Year-Old Girlfriend

52: For my special girl, may your 17th birthday be filled with magic, happiness and all that you wish for.

53: I knew you were special the moment I saw you. Now, as you turn 17, you are even more beautiful than before!

54: I cherish the day you were born, because it means I got to meet you and call you my girl. I hope you have an extra special birthday this year!

55: Seventeen candles are going to brighten up the room, but not nearly as much as your beautiful smile. Happy birthday to the best girlfriend I could imagine.

56: Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Sweet Birthday Wishes for 17-Year-Old Boyfriend

Sweet Birthday Wishes for 17-Year-Old Boyfriend

57: I am so proud to be your girlfriend. I hope your birthday is amazing and memorable in the best of ways!

58: Of all the guys in the world, I am glad you are mine. Seventeen is a very special birthday. I hope it is all you could wish for and much more!

59: Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend

60: You are charming, kind and a gentleman with a personality way beyond your years. Happy 17th to my boyfriend. I cherish you!

61: Just because you are turning 17 doesn’t mean you have to grow up! I hope you always keep some of your playful humor that I love so much!

What Do You Say To A 17-year-old Birthday?

Happy 17th Birthday Wishes

62: A fine stone was born 17 years ago; I wish you all the good things life can afford. Happy 17th birthday. Have fun. Happy 17th birthday to our fantastic son, best is yet to come, we are proud of you and we have full trust in your abilities to bring good name to our family

63: I want to wish the best tidings of the day to a phenomenal and hardworking individual; you are worthy of every hype that you get.

64: We get to celebrate the awesomely fresh 17 years old, rid yourself of bad energy, and always believe that you can work your way to greatness through hard work.

65: A lot has changed about you since your last birthday, you are 17 years old today, and all I can see is positive changes and outstanding attributes. Congratulations

66: You may have had many birthdays, but I wish your 17th would be the best you ever experience and leave happy and sweet memories that will linger for ages.

67: Happy 17th birthday to a rare gem, you are one of the most beautiful people that I know therefore you deserve my goodwill messages on your birthday.

What Do You Write In A 17th Birthday Card?

68: I hope you have a happy 17th birthday and that you will have so many more years to come!

69: Remember that the Lord will never give you any challenge that you can’t overcome, my dear.

70: Daughter, enjoy your big day for this time only comes once in this year, remember that now.

71: I am just so happy that we get to be friends and that you are truly amazing, my dearest love.

72: You are turning into a fine young man and I wish nothing but a really happy 17th birthday.

73: These times are truly amazing, and I wish that you would keep on being amazing as you are.

74: You are the most wonderful friend that I have and I only wish you enjoy this bday of yours.

75: For being my best friend in the whole wide world I wish nothing but a happy 17th birthday!

76: You are a good friend of mine and that makes me wish you to have a spectacular day today.

77: There is nothing I would love for you to have but the best in whatever you would want now.

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